The Fair Housing Partnership Of Greater Pittsburgh

is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating equal housing choice in southwestern Pennsylvania through fair housing advocacy and comprehensive housing counseling services.

Since 1975, the Fair Housing Partnership has been actively involved in promoting fair housing through the work of a committed and highly skilled staff and volunteer Board of Directors who represent diverse communities in the Pittsburgh area.


Fair Housing Partnership has two important roles: 

•as an equal opportunity housing counseling agency
•and a fair housing advocate and enforcer of fair housing laws.


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FHP’s governing documents, conflict of interest policy and financial statements are public documents and available upon request.

News and Events

Report Exposes Pittsburgh's Prevailing Racial Disparities



Click here to read a commentary by FHP Executive Director, Peter Harvey on a recent Urban Institute report that gave Pittsburgh a "failing grade" for its pervasive racial disparities. How segregated is Pittsburgh in 2012? How can we diversify our communities? What is FHP's role in combatting this problem?


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This article was published in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on August 9, 2012.




Post-Racial America?

Yeah, right.

Time to fight back!



On March 3, 2013, the publication Bloomberg Businessweek featured a cover that both flaunted racial stereotypes and conveyed a false and harmful explanation of our nation's housing crisis.You can fight back against this gross racism and misrepresentation of the facts. Follow the links below!



Click here to sign our letter to Businessweek demanding a real explanation and apology.


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The Department of Housing and Urban Development

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency